Natural and Pure Sandalwood Powder


Premium Quality Sandalwood Powder 100gm

Sandalwood powder enhances skin complexion and tone. It helps to remove pigmentation marks, pimples and acnes. It helps in removing wrinkles leaving skin rejuvenated. It is known to reduce sun burn and inflammation. It makes skin smooth and free of acne, scars and blemishes over time. It can be mixed with other natural ingredients like rose water etc for extra benefits.


* Sandalwood Face Mask Can Get You Rid Of Pimple Marks, Dark Spots And Other Facial Blemishes Too.
* Sandalwood Powder Removes Dead Skin Cells, Dirt, Pollutants From Your Skin To Reveal A Fresher And More Radiant Skin On The Outside.
* Best results with pure rose water or milk and also greatly works well with Kasthuri Manjal.
* Keeps Your Skin Healthy and Glowing.
* Removes Suntans and Sunburns.
* Tighten Pores.
* All natural and not artificial; Best results for pimple scars and overall facial beauty.


1. Mix required Naturekart Sandalwood Powder with rose water and make smooth paste.
2. Apply it smoothly on face and neck areas.
3. Leave it to dry.
4. Wash it off with normal water.


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