Natural and Pure Methi Powder


Premium Quality Methi Powder 100gm

Naturekart Fenugreek Powder is 100% pure and natural and very well known for its benefits to hair and skin. You Can Apply Powder On Your Hairs To Remove Hair Fall. Application On Hair In The Form Of A Paste, Fenugreek Can Be The Ultimate Solution For Many Hair Problems. Fenugreek Seeds Or Methi Properties Are A Great Source For Hair Nourishment.

* Promotes Hair Growth : Fenugreek Seeds Are A Good Source Of Protein And Nicotinic Acid That Strengthen The Hair Shaft And Prevent Breakage.
* Anti Fungal : Fenugreek Seeds Are Very Powerful Anti Fungal Agent Makes The Scalp Inflammation Free.
* Prevent Premature Graying : Fenugreek Seeds Have Properties That Help Hair Retain Its Pigment. This Helps Delay Graying.
* Dandruff Control : You Can See Result Within A Short Span With Fenugreek For Dandruff.


* Reduce the risk of Diabetes.
* Improves Milk Production and Flow.
* Improves Weight Loss.
* Raise Testosterone and Boosts Sperm Counts.
* Reduce Inflammation.
* Reduce the Risk of Heart and Blood Pressure Conditions.
* Pain Relief.


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