Natural and Pure Jamun Seed Powder


Premium Quality Jamun Seed Powder 100gm

Naturekart Jamun Seed Powder is made out from 100% pure and premium quality Jamun Seeds.
Jamun (syzygium cumin) fruits are a good source of vitamins and iron and are said to be useful in heart and liver troubles. The powder from the seeds of jamun are an effective medicine.
jamun seeds It is rich in vitamin a and c, very good to help high sugar, strengthens teeth, gums and good in gingivitis.
Detoxifies the body: The seeds of jamun are reported to be rich in flavonoids, a powerful antioxidant, that not only helps in flushing harmful free radicals from the body.
Help In diabetes: Just like the fruit, jamun seeds, are also possess anti-diabetic activity. The seeds contain alkaloids which help to the conversion of starch into sugar and hence aid in keeping your blood glucose level in control.
Jamun seeds contain powerful antioxidants like flavonoids and also phenolic compounds that help keep harmful free radicals at bay.


* It may help to manage Diabetes.
* Boosts Stomach Health.
* Helps in Regulate Blood Sugar.
* May Boost Immunity.
* Aids Weight Loss.
* Protecting Lever.
* Prevents Cancers.

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